Tuesday, 27 October 2009

6 week catch up

Lets think, after the Mach weekend I hardly rode a bike, apart from there and backs to work...

.....with one glorious exception, a week down south with Jo and Dean, 2 fairly big rides around the south downs, an evening at a musical event, an afternoon of culture and the opportunity to sit and listen to music topped out the Brighton experience.

....transfer to North Dean and two further mini rides around some lovely wooded trails, including one to catch up with Sara and the other with Sam to compare notes on the Kite a day of walking and exploring, a visit to the cinema and a final evening meal ended the week on a high, not as much riding as I would have liked to do but that was due to my fatness and a stupid/funny slow speed crash, the other two however did do a fabulous end ride, battering each other over 60 tough miles.

Single Speed Cyclo Cross bikes are 100 percent perfect for autumn rides.

....getting home on the Saturday I discovered that my back had gone into spasm and I had difficulty getting out of the car, I must have done some unseen damage on my fall, this meant a chilled weekend and then 4 days off work, and no riding until yesterday, and even that hurt, todays commute was less painful and the dark nights have inspired me to get the Spot 69er out and suited up with lights, the long way home tomorrow night is beckoning :-)

Monday, 19 October 2009

where my photies of birds will be