Thursday, 10 November 2011

its been over 2 months...

since vanity kicked in, but kicked in it has...

2 months after turning 50 years of age I think I "may" have come to terms with it, there's been one or two reality checks of late that have given me some perspective

So, Barcelona was wonderful, 3 nights is not long enough, we saw most of the city using the open top tourist buses, a great way to grab the geography of the place, took lots of snaps and ate lots of food, a grand way to become 50.

Family party and friends party also helped ease the trauma.

Bike wise, well its been a bit on and off really, my back finally gave in a few weeks ago and this meant a few days in bed, I'd already started my Pilates type exercises and this was helping, all seems fine now but I'm shy of really riding too much, been keeping it down at a low level for now.

Fat bikes, in case you hadn't noticed I'm a convert, so much so that I now own a Salsa Mukluk thanks to my good friend and bike pimp/pusher Tim Johnson, since getting it a few weeks back its all I've ridden.

This last week I've started commuting again, its my favourite time to commute because coming home in the dark means a free night ride every night, the search for fitness begins once again.

And, another winter of swans begins

Along with some other bits and bobs of sadness came this,

Chris Mearns died.

57 years old, riding his bike with another good friend, out of the blue.