Saturday, 26 December 2009

me in 25 years

actually thats my dad, every day finds me catching myself doing something or other that my dad does, the most frequent one is the way I clear my throat, every time I do it I think my dads in the room :-)

so, whats been happening, well work wise is pretty well documented, the plant is shut down now and the new year will bring the decomissioning period, that'll be a bout three months or so and then the majority of people will leave the company, myself a and a few others will remain until the end of July at the earliest, hopefully till the end of the year when I can get my year off.....

although that may well have to be put on hold for another year, one door closes and another opens, there are some interesting opportunities opening up that could provide more wages, if it does come off then I'll have another string to my bow which will help me find work longer term :-)

Hopefully NZ is still on.

Bike wise, well I've taken on a commission from STW for a series of articles, the 100 rides is one idea, riding has been short and sweet of late, yet another underlying cold thats refusing to surface, his is the third year on the trot that this has happened, a bad chest infection two years ago and then last year a debilitating bout of flu, what will this years treat be ? .

I hope its not too severe, I had a flu jab to try and avoid that and I have made some committments to do some long rides this coming year, a century a month (metric and imperial, but aiming for imperial) and two races to have a crack at, the national 24 hour solo champs in May and the Keilder 100 in Sept. Now I know as well as everyone else that I'll not be getting a top ten in either of these, in fact top 100 is out of the question, no what I want is to finish and do myself proud, thats all. I'll be happy to do that.

Training has yet to start, I've been doing a bit but thats more to just keep ticking over, this coming week was to be the start but the weather has been unkind and by actually not riding my bike I am doing some good, the sheet ice everywhere is just dangerous, sat watching the road today confirmed that I made the right decision not to ride, maybe tomorrow ?

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Moving out for a while

I'm here for a wee while

back by the end of Feb I hope