Sunday, 10 July 2011

100 miles

as predicted being on call tempered my enthusiasm for riding, Monday was a car journey to work to take in supplies, Tuesday was a mountain bike ride, 29 miles of dusty durt, and then it rained, Wednesday was road bike day, but just a quick 27 miles, Thurs and Fri were straight there and backs, another 20 miles.

Saturday morning and my thoughts of a weekend 100 were dispelled by the rain, so I got out the mudguarded Croix de Fer and knocked out a sharpish 37 miles, just over two hours, quite happy with that.

Sunday, and again the rain put a dampner on my idea of riding to Delamere, I was hoping for 70 miles today, instead I got maybe 15, but it was around the forest, in the woods in the rain, showing Barney around (its about 15 years since he was last here).

So, 138 miles for the week, not as much as needed but enough to keep me happy till next week.

BTW, the photo has no hidden meaning, I just like it :-)

Sunday, 3 July 2011

up da te


Skye was a big success we had a really nice time

lots of photos taken

a couple of decent rides

a couple of boat trips

all good

1600 miles travelled

phew !

185 miles ridden this last week, back on track now

at least as much next week needed, although being on call might temper that

could always do a Sunday 108 again, thats up and down the river rune 4 times for those who know it