Monday, 23 March 2009

Sunshine, sunshine.....grey.....ill...shit

So, where were we ?

ah yes, 58 and 59

58 actually comprised of 3 rides in one day, middle way to work, short way home and then Benji's birthday night ride, probably 20 miles in total, the work rides were pleasant enough, but the highlight of the day was the short night ride, up Jack bridge and for the first time this year my legs felt as though there was a little bit of life in them, got to the top hardly breathing, and had held a conversation all the way up !, going down over the other side of the valley was lots of fun also, despite almost taking Charlotte (CLO Radsville as she likes to be known, and is deserving of the name) out by my poor riding, cleaned punch the wall, almost cleaned conkers deep (1 dab) but then stalled at the steps at the last bit, but no matter, I had a lot of fun, quick pint afterwards and Dave and I had to leave before the celebrations really got going.

59 (Friday) up early and out, longish way to work, legs a bit stiff from last night, but the sun was rising, ace ride, 12 miles off road all the way, then leaving work early, long way home, 2 hours soaking in the sunlight, mmmmm...

another 25 miles.

Total for the week is 142 miles, quite pleased with that, more importantly though is the amount of saddle time :-)

Weekend greyness returned, I'd kind of planned not to ride on Saturday anyway, had some Avocets to photograph, shame the light was awful, Sunday and more greyness and not feeling too brilliant so again set off after the Avocets, nowt much happening though.

Monday, woke up feeling not quite right, stayed in bed for most of the day, feels like the cold from last year is coming back, not really a big surprise, friends are reporting similar, my folks have got it bad (and after I visited on Saturday I'm not surprised) so we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Only two days left in which to ride this week as we are off to Jersey for a short break, rthe weather is looking terrible, almost certain to not ride again till next week :-(

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

54, 55, 56 and 57

54 - Monday morning, straight to work in the morning, Chateuneuf headache in tow, by the afternoon the sun was out, headed west along the trans penine trail, only as far as Thelwall, then back and east, 2 and a half hours, 35 miles for the day.

55 - Tuesday morning, up early and a medium way into work, early morning sun put a smile on my face, 12 miles.

56 - Tuesday evening, out of work early and again heading west, didn't get as far as Thelwall, turned and headed east, retraced my steps from this morning, one idiot in a car tried to kill me but as always he didn't want to stop for a discussion, cock, one and a half hours, 18 miles.

57 - Wednesday, up and straight to work, foggy and damp, but...., once again the sun came out and burnt the wet away, legs were a little heavy from the last three days.... but an email from a friend had inspired me to ride so again I set off west wards heading into the sun, an hour and a half was enough, the warmth on my face was soothing, and another alcohol free night tonight.

20 miles today, I might be getting near my first 100 mile week this week, aiming to get up early tomorrow, a switch to the Stiffee will slow things down but an hour and fifteen should be a reasonable time for the medium way to work and then all things being well I'll be in Calderdale tomorrow night for my first night ride of 2009 !!


Sunday, 15 March 2009

Ride No 53

Best laid plans.....

My left knee was aching all last weekend after the ice crash, so after the right knee taking over a month to get better I decided to take a week off, so i took a week off, and got back on the bike last Friday for a short spin into work, the knee ached all day which effectively wrote off this weekends plans.

However I had an itch to scratch so I got up early for a short spin on the road bike, an hour and fifteen, 22 miles and no aching, but lets be realistic, I'll try the Breed to work tomorrow morning and then see how it feels with some dirt on it.

Its a shame that I missed out on riding with friends this last weekend as I'm effectively out of circulation for the next two months due to a mixture of work and family commitments, in fact its unlikely that I wont ride a mountainbike again until early June when I'll be attempting a 12 hour endurance race at the Bristol Bike Fest (which unfortunately is the same weekend as SSUK09).

So, this years has seen 53 rides, 684 miles, about a thousand miles less than it should be and more annoying is that most of the rides have been solo instead of with friends, June should see that start to change.


Wednesday, 11 March 2009

31 in 31 FAIL

common sense got the better of me, my knee was still aching and there was ice on the road, I bailed out and decided a week off would be needed, today I woke up and my knee wasn't aching.

Tomorrow I will ride to work, and maybe try the long way home depending upon how it feels.

Of course all this is a total and utter irrelevance as 2 friends got carted last week...

Grant had a car turn across him, he now has 3 collar bones and a stuffed knee which is looking like 3 months off the bike, tomorrow he faces surgery to rebuild his bones...

Gary also had a car turn across him, he got off slightly better, bruised all over and a cut to his cheek just below his left eye from his Oakley's which required 5 stitches.

Both of em lit up like xmas trees, neither of em seen by the car driver ?

Both of em incredibly lucky to be able to tell the tale, no wonder I prefer to get muddy than have to deal with this stuff :-/

on a brighter note, the coming weekend should ( knee permitting) see some quality road miles in my legs, riding around Calderdale on a road bike has been likened to playing cricket at Wembley, I quite like that idea and am looking forward to another perspective on one of my favourite areas for riding.

And the hopefully another attempt at 30 in 30 in April.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

11 almost fail

morning, up late, headache due to red wine, ice on roads, not a happy bunny, 20 mins and safety

day, knee and ankle sore and stiff, doubt creeps in, lots of water, bail Stanny's birthday ride, feel like a heel, bored, still stiff, sensible thoughts, decide to bail 31 in 31, get out at 4

night, sunshine, slight tail wind, get to crux point, fuckit, o left and hit the trail, knee is loosening up, trails are tacky, sunshine providing some warmth on my face......

Arrive home one and a half hours later, victory snatched from the jaws of laziness, 31 in 31 lives another day.

Next week planning to step it up, need to get fit, need to get fit, need to stop drinking, need to get thin, there may be trouble ahead

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

9 and ten

9 = 20 minutes to work as I was late, then out into the wind and rain and sleet and hail, and fun fun fun, muddy wet trails, 1 and 1 half hour later and I'm home getting undressed in the kitchen......

25 miles

T10 = the long way in, had to pick up a parcel and then onto to the ice, only problem was that I didn't realise it was icy until too late, just riding along and smiling at the sunlight, urn left and whammoo, once again this winter I'm on my arse !

Totally didn't see that coming, must have been some bad karma catching up with me ?, anyway, damage to the bike amounts to a bent and scratched brake lever and torn bar tape, damage to me includes 50pence shaped hole in left knee, puncture would to left calf ?, sore left wrist and now sore down the left side all over.

Still, at least no one saw my ungracious fall, an hour later and I'm at work, shower, shave and coffee, sit down, start to get stiff, ache, wince, get through the day, keep moving, jet wash bike, lube chain, grind brake blocks flat on the linisher, pick random pieces of metal out of brake blocks, realign brake blocks, notice that rims (Mavic Open Pro's) are already wearing out after 200 miles, short way home....

During the day I had lots of random but totally lucid thoughts I wanted to share here, but they've all gone back inside and I'm buggered if I can remember any of them, perhaps the metal that was in the pads fell out of my ears ?

20 miles

oh yeah, Endura Event 3/4s and Endura Stealth softshell totally and utterly rock in the wet and mud.

Buy some


Monday, 2 March 2009

4,5,6,7 and 8

Thursday - one hour and 15 minutes in the morning, 30 mins in the evening equals 20 miles and then 265 miles in the car.

Friday - 6 hours on the hills and the dark and the pub, lost in a forest all alone, scared shitless on a busy road with no lights, Biff rescue, dropping through the woods in the dark is ace, 4 hours ride time, at least 25 miles, probably nearer 30.

Friday night - cocktails, great food, red wine, lots of laughing, sleep.

Saturday - sober up, drive, change, ride, sore legs, coastal path, hidden valley, sunshine and lollipops, h bars, tea cake, slow legs, sore knee, broken chain, last hill, sprint along the dock road, knee popping, rest, tea, curry beer, chat, laugh, sleep, 4 hours riding, 6 hours out in the sunshine - 30 miles

Sunday - grey, cold, sore knee, drive, afternoon sun, ride for one hour and 30, 20 miles.

Monday, up early, one hour and 15 in the morning, one hour and twenty five in the evening, knee is okay on flat trails - 30 miles.

easy peasy ?

nope, tomorrow is heavy rain, that will really test my fortitude.

BTW, single speed cross bikes rawk, I may have already said that :-)