Friday, 16 December 2011

A month on from the last blog post and still nothing interesting to say.

pretty much nowt has happened

a few rides, lots of commutes

but a ride along a beach made me stop and think about how I want to ride my bike

and of course the swans are back ( I might have said this already)


plans are hatching once again (if nothing else I'm good at making plans, sticking to them is a different matter)

next Wednesday I'm planning to ride throughout all of the daylight hours (its the shortest day), starting in the dark, and ending in the dark, also seeing the sea under my own steam, no substantive reason to do this other than it seems like I'm putting down a marker for my future, I intend to try and do things based around the changing of the seasons, changing of the tides, changing of the whatever !.

This idea has come around after a number of years of thought, but mostly due to the excitement I feel when the swans return, combining my riding with such things makes sense right now.