Thursday, 31 January 2008

Somethings not right ?

Last nights ride home along the river has left me stiff and sore, it was an hour and 20 min's at a sociable pace but when I got home I was proper tired out, and couldn't sleep all night due to a racing heart !

This is the first time its been like this for almost a year now, well since I got signed off from the hospital after my last episode with a heart murmur ?

Anyhow, todays ride to work was bloody hard work, and despite the fact it was blowing a gale into my face it hurt more than it should have, and tonight I had to head home the short way and decided to drop out of the planned weekend in Brighton which is pissing me off..... a lot

and even just crossing my legs hurts ??, I'll take some time to try and recover, maybe just a gentle spin at weekend and see how I feel

but to be honest I can feel another year of fear coming on, my heart rate last night worried me, I could feel it bumping through my chest, erratic, powerful, then slow and weak, just like last time, only this time I might have to go through the stop/start process that so frightened me to death last time :-0

sorry for being so negative but I needed to get it off my chest ha ha ha ha ha aha


Tuesday, 29 January 2008

back on track

some health issues with my folks and (inevitably work) have stopped the planned getting fit instead of fat regime just of late, but I have managed to get into the gym a little and the long way to work is working out quite nicely, nonetheless January is a bit of a right off :-(

However, on the plus side the drink problem seems to be under control (although I'm sure Janet wouldn't agree !) and there seems to be some circles left in my legs, tonight's hill run on the treadmill was fun, 40 mins at level 7 on random meant 730 calories burnt and a proper good sweaty leg burn :-)

and a highlight looming, weekend should see me in Brighton riding bikes, potentially on a North Downs ride on Saturday and a shorter day on the south downs on Sunday, it'll be gears and mud tyres I guess....

but it'll be 2 days on bikes, with friends and lots of smiles, first decent ride since last November !!

Friday, 18 January 2008

today is a good day

Last night and I'd just got in, got changed and sat in front of the TV, ads come on and "sunshine and lollipops" comes on advertising Butlins FFS!

but, I am instantly transported back 5 years or so to one Sunday afternoon getting towards the end of a 24 hour solo in Trentham Gardens where I can hear said song coming up the hill behind me, sit down and wait and soon enough a small sex midget arrives, all smiles and singing at the top of his voice :-))

am happy again

might have a beer tonight to celebrate the end of a annoying week :-)

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Today is shit, its official

Last few days has seen my mood drop to an all time low, started the week with a looong day trip to Germany, the outccome was positive but it was a painful process that was akin to pulling teeth from a 45 year old child who is likely to punch your lights out, at the end of the day I had a headache to die for and the added thrill of a cramped plane.

Tuesday was little better, I arrived late at work quite deliberatly but ended up staying late, Weds was no better (due to a fracas with some halfwit in a car) and today is worse

at least today I got to ride my bike to work, tonight I'll head home the long way even though I know the trails will be rubbish and if I manage to lose it and fall in the river it'll be Liverpool before i get out (its been raining quite heavy for a few days and the river is very swollen)

anyhow, the ride to work did nothing to lighten my mood today, I have been avoiding any interaction with any humans as much as possible, hopefully tonight might lighten and unwrap me a bit

and I'm still determined not to have any alcohol, 17 days free now and getting better every day

Weekend promises some relief, Saturday I'll ride to see Tim and get some new brakes fitted to the gay IF and Sunday I'll see my valley mates if I havent managed to alienate them all :-(

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Riding bikes is exciting (again)

well it is for me anyway....

even though I've only ridden to work and around work it still feels good to me, this morning it even felt as though there might be some circles in my legs, I pushed quite hard all the way in (but lets keep this in perspective it was only 30 minutes !!) and was able to keep pushing on the pedals all the way there.

I had to work late this evening so just span my way home but am planning to get up at 6 and do an hour tomorrow morning, might even do a little breakfast ride :-)

Monday, 7 January 2008

it works !

perimeter trail is about 15 mins, its loose, rocky and rough with the added attraction of suicidal bunny rabbits running at you in the darkness

just did the one lap tonight as my chest still feels tight, tomorrow I'll give it another go, hopefully the gale force winds will have blown away and it'll just be the rain to deal with :-)

as an aside I've been thoroughly enjoying the shit storm of rubbish over on MTBR regarding the SSWC08, it really depresses me how petty people can be, but also amuses me highly at the same time, only downside is that the good folks who are bothering their asses to put this grand event on will no doubt be wondering why they ever bothered

well, just in case any of you are reading this drivel ( this drivel, not that drivel)....

fear not, come the day it will be a truly grand affair, it always is :-)

Sunday, 6 January 2008


that didnt get off to a good start did it ?

1 week later and I feel about right, basically 3 weeks of feeling like shit in varying degrees, thats what you can expect should you be unlucky enough to get his cold bug thats doing the rounds, only 2 or 3 days of being immobilised, 2 or 3 days of feeling faint/sick, lots of coughing and snotting, 2 or 3 days of feeling weak as a kitten all included for the same price :-(

BUT its over at last, I could have ridden this weekend but decided to be sensible and not ride, tomorrow's ride to work will hopefully kick start my riding year, I have a cunning plan.

where I work is a big site, maybe 3 by 2 miles, and around the outside is a perimeter fence that has a rough track inside it, probably about 5 miles in total but perfect for riding on without having to deal with traffic or the mud fest that is the river trail at this time of year. 2 or 3 laps on the way in and 4 or 5 laps each evening should soon see me back in the swing of things in readiness for this coming years planned riding

I cant believe I've never thought of doing it before, especially as I used to run around it back in the days when I could run !


Tuesday, 1 January 2008

I hate doing these but here you go, 2008 resolutions

to get fit

to cut down drinking

to lose weight

to thrash Jo in March

to read more books

to enjoy work

to do some art

to ride in some big hills for a week, maybe on a road bike, maybe in America, do thye have hills there ?

to only ride 29 inch bikes

to ride 100 miles off road.....

and it starts tomorrow, chest feels still tight, snot still present, still coughing in bed at night...

but thats enough, the geared gay IF has new tyres fitted, the chain has been lubed and my favourite Kona merino top is lying out ready, tomorrows ride to work is the start of a new year of riding bikes :-)