Monday, 2 April 2012

A metric ton

I've always sneered at kilometres, it seemed to me that its a soft way to get to a 100, and in the past I've always been able to knock a 100 miles out with not much effort

However, things change

its now over 2 years since my last proper century, and don't my legs know it, after last weeks start to riding again I decided to do a long ride at the weekend, a few enquiries around friends didnt reveal anything of any distance so I decided to do one of my favourite rides to see the sea.

Choosng the semi fat so that I could indulge myself in some coastal riding when I got there.

Which I did, exploring the mud flats of the estuary and then finding some lovely singletrack trails which took me back to Hale village.

From here I retraced my steps back along the trans penine trail to Sale Water Park.

Spinning along in the warm sunshine, purely to get the clock to tick over 100 kilometres :-)

It ended up at 102 kms, and to be honest I was happy with that, fat tyres, dusty trails, a nagging headwind on the way out, 2 Cornish pasties, 2 cans of DrPepper and 3 litres of nuun was not enough, one day I will learn to drink and eat properly !

A couple more of these and I'll be back to full on sneering mode again.