Sunday, 21 June 2009

Cracking up ?

Funny old week

Tuesday and my ribs were easing so I rode (slowly) to work, so far so good, Wednesday did the same and they had eased enough that I could walk without the tenseness and no need for painkillers :-)

Thursday tried the Felt to work, seemed fine enough to allow for an off road excursion to meet Dave, only an hour but all good, Friday much the same, by now I was planning to do some local trails at the weekend.

Saturday morning, felt okay but a few twinges in my back during the night seemed to indicate not to ride, okay, it was a dull day and I had a n alternative plan to go and photograph great crested Grebes and their chicks, in hind sight may not have been the brightest idea to hump a big lump of glass around.

Saturday night and I hardly slept a wink, lots of pain in my back around the area of the crash, needing painkillers again, feeling grumpy and fed up, painkillers kicking in,

maybe my body is telling me something ?


Monday, 15 June 2009

still smiling not grimacing

Friday and a false start, picked up Big Red from Tim who had once again done a sterling job, then a random phone call meant heading back to Manchester to pick up Kevin, arrived at the cabin around 3, unloaded and then headed over to Dolgellau for a spin down the Mawdach trail as per the plan.

A lovely ride in the afternoon sun, just 20 miles, coffee and cake in Barmouth, pint of fine ale half way back then into town to get supplies, the rest of the crowd arrived during the evening, early bed ready for a big day.

Saturday arrived and the sun was already blazing down, quick spin along the road and we were at the CyB shop, Kevin hired a Heckler (his first time on a full suspension bike) I bought some new reactolite shades and we were gone, a bit of a miscalculation on my part saw a fall and sore ribs. The trails were in fab condition, dry and dusty, highlight being the warm pine smell that was erupting all around us, it was as though we were in the mediterenean rather than Wales, all good.

A full days riding topped off with a drag uphill along the road, rewarded with two cold beers a piece, dinner at the pub, a few more beers and bed.

Sunday, again the plan was to hit the trails early, sore ribs meant I sat this one out, choosing to just spin along the fire roads down to the river, the guys were back two hours later, all smiles, all happy, Kevin now riding his hardtail already planning to buy a Heckler.

Roy, Harm and Dave then headed home whilst Kevin and I eager to ride more decided to go along the Mawdach trail again as that was all my ribs would take, almost a perfect copy of Fridays ride was the best way to finish the weekend, the views of the estuary were stunning, the trail full of families both walking and on bikes, excellent.

Monday, pay day, could hardly get out of bed let alone get on a bike, Nurofen Extra did the trick and it appears to be easing all the time, road bike tomorrow, no alcohol this week, watch what I eat, too long too fat, thats changing from now.

AND, no pain in my right calf, hopefully 3 days reasonable riding has cleared out whatever was in there again ??

Thursday, 11 June 2009

I'm Mr Positive today am I

So, its now Thursday and another week has gone by with only there and backs to show for it, but it might have worked, no pain today, no stiffness, no soreness

and best of all the sun is shining again

A full weekend at Coed Y Brenin is looming, tomorrow I'll pick up Big Red from Tim, should all be fixed and good to go, then head off the Dolgellau for a spin down the Mawdach trail, despite the fact that it is as flat as a witches tit its one of my favourite rides, just ten miles each way along one of the most beautiful estuaries in Great Britain, and it ends up at Barmouth which still retains some of that old world charm of a seaside resort.

Now all that is usually just enough but this trail has extra, memories that is, some 8 years ago there was a Fat Tyre Family Festival organised by Pat Adams at Coed Y Brenin, it only lasted two years but it was a great event which cemented some life long friendships as all the crew had young kids at that time and we shared some great times riding in the forest and along that trail, the big boys had a great time in the woods, the girls took the kids around the tamer trails and then on the Sunday we all rode along the Mawdach trail, sunshine and lollipops :-)

The event is also the place where I first met my jock friends, again great people who I consider to be lifelong friends.

Anyhow, I'm digressing, the weekend will be spent with work friends, like minded work friends that is, they all love bike riding of all sorts, they all have a taste for fine beers and good wine and they all like spending time in the woods with their mates, its gonna be great.

Lots of saddle time ahead I hope.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

79, 80, 81, 82 and 83

79, 25 miles on the De Rosa in the sun

80, another 25 miles on the De Rosa in the sun

81, yet another 25 miles on the De Rosa in the sun

Thursday, woke up, right leg sore as ever :-(

Friday, drove to Bristol full of hope, Friday night fun, then rain, then more rain, in the tent with Raoul, couldn't sleep due to the noise of the rain, decision made at 4am not to ride, didn't ride, had a fun time anyway supporting folk.

Established that its not gout.

1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th for cheeky folk in various classes

Sunday, after even more rain decided not to ride in Leigh Woods as per last nights plan, no one else seemed to have he stomach for it either, drove home.

Monday, 82, straight to work and back, leg still sore

Today, Tuesday, 83, straight to work and back, leg not so sore today, another weekend away looming, it had better get better :-/