Friday, 29 February 2008

No riding so far this week...

or in fact last weekend either, weekend spent on call and photographing birds, this week working in Italy drinking coffee and Chianti, but thats all about to change as the 30 in 30 kicks in for March, the idea is that you ride for at least 1 solid hour per day for 30 days, easy peasy ya ?

now, riding for an hour every day in your life isnt difficult but given the logistics of finding an hour out of 24 every day it may prove to be difficult given that most people have work/family/otherstuff to do.

And I'll aim to post a daily resume here assuming I can get a connection.

Tomorrow kicks in with a trip to Betysw Y Coed to celebrate the sex midgets 24th birthday, he was a spotty 16 year old youth when we first met, hard to believe that was 8 years ago, happy birthday Jon :-)

Sunday "should" see me down the river, been aiming to explore a bit further afar for a while now and Chris has found some new cheek to play on.

Oh yeas, before I forget, I had a health MOT last week and was genuinly shocked to find my weight had ballooned up to 108kgs !!, thats 12 kgs heavier than when I last looked at the scales and 20kgs over my ideal weight, the 30 in 30 has another agenda for me, get 20kgs lighter before Verbier !

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

things that make you go ummm.......

like great weekends which have great beginings, great middles and great ends

Chips 40th birthday bash week started with a bit of a downer, and thats not yet resolved...but there was some riding in the week, the dry high pressure air was making the trails really nice and almost dusty !!

the actual weekend started out a treat, rocked up at Matts place to find out that 2 of my very dear friends were "gettin it on" that made me smile and be happy (yes really) and not just in anticipation of when Dave arrived !

come the ride and all the people I love were there, the people who are the reason I keep going back to the valley (not often enough I know) the person I only see maybe 4or 5 times a year, and lots of other good folk who are the reason for riding. The weather was ace, the trails were ace, the ride was bloomin ace.

The night time was lots of fun, chipps was a guitar god, Brant was in fine form, everyone was smiling and happy to be back on the road, my jaw was aching from laughing, sleep came easily, not too much booze (to be fair we were all saved by the dryness, must remember that )

Sunday was a day of walking the dogs, we eventually got the love birds out of bed (after all there's only so much pollen a bee can harvest!) and set off up to trails which are usually the scene of mucho macho testosterone, it was nice to walk for a change.

Took some pics, had great chats, laughed a lot, devised a cunning plan ;-)

Excellent roast dinner in the pub and home, all was well

This Monday, long way in and back, yesterday the same, today I had to run my dad to an appointment so came in by car, grey skies and a bit of a sniffle means I havent missed ridning today, although whilst this dryness lasts I may well go out tonight.

ummmmm :)

Sunday, 10 February 2008

well there you go !

It finally happened, a ride that I arranged I managed to get to and complete :-)

Penmachno was the venue, the day started out looking a bit shonky, fog bound all the way along the A55 but as soon as we hit the outskirts of Betys Y Coed the sun came out and my heart rose like a soaring bird (and yes I know thats flowery wank but thats how I felt), I love the trips to the mountains, I love little mountain towns where ever they are.

Ali turned out as well as 360 (although the sex midget was a no show) to complete the 3 muskateers, up and down, up and down, up and down, 45 kilometers of it, I loved every single slow minute of it, the big gay IF rode like a dream, and towards the end I'd even got my eye on for the descents and was riding faster than my ability.

I had a very near escape which cooled me down a bit and so then settled into a comfortable pace, I was happy to let Dave and Ali go and have their own fun, just happy to be out in the hills, of course the glorious blue skies and the warmth of the sun made the exepereince so much the better.

Not many folk out on the trails, we were leapfrogging a couple of older chaps and shared a few words with them each meeting, they were obviously having as much enjoyment as we, it was a surprise to get back to the car 3 hours after we set off to find the car park overfull, those big exposed trails can obviously sustain large numbers of riders.

Its almost 3 years since I last rode there with dan and the trails were in good condition, testament to the builders, and the good thing is that now it is bedded in there is less of a man made feel to the trails, something that was very obvious 3 years ago.

Needless to say I'll be back soon, hoping to do 2 laps, and must remember to take a decent camera, there's a multitude of great landscapes to snap there, the new extended loop has lots of photoshoot possibilities....

360 cover shot ?

Legs are tired and tingly now, bring it on :-)

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Another week another story

so, no cycling again last part of last week and the weekend

but no more heart ache, must have been something I ate/drank/dreamt about ?

ho hum

last weekend got written off for a number of reasons which are far too boring to mention...

dissapointed and fed up about that but hey ho

Monday morning, ride to work, one run in with idiot driver, close shave

Tuesday morning, ride to work, one run in with idiot driver, close shave... but this one wound down her window and asked ME where MY manners were because she's apparently apologised 3 times behind her windscreen !

she was very impolitely told that I didnt consider I needed good manners when someone had nearly killed me and that she go forth and procreate to quote someone or other.

Made me both mad and laugh out loud all day at the absurdity of it ! and speeded my long way home a treat

Anyways, Wednesday ride was the long way in, and for the first time in what seems like months I felt the sun on my face, it was glorious and made me smile all day, and went the long way home for fun as well. The upside is that although I am only riding I do feel okay, no leg ache, no chest pains etc, maybe it was just some post viral shit still in my body ?