Friday, 31 December 2010

good riddance to 2010

I'll be glad to see the back of 2010, fair to say that it was probably the worst year of my life with one thing or another, most (but not all) of the bad things have been documented on here....

But here's some of the good things from 2010 to focus on for 2011

Riding, reasonable fitness in fits and starts mixed up with lots of aches and pains, some great days out and even enjoying the one race that I did, well what I did of it anyway.

Several weekends away riding with friends who have stuck by me despite me being a miserable bugger.

Enjoying my photography more than ever and really enjoying the time spent photographing birds.

The weather, real weather, hot sunshine, cold snowy days, all good.

Walking, not done as much as I wanted to but still enjoyed what was done.

My wife and family, goes without saying but without them I wouldn't have survived the trials and tribulations of this year.

So, what for 2011 ?

Work should last for another year or so, so my big traveling plans are on hold till 2012.

Drinking has to stop.

Weight has to be shed.

Aches and pains need to be sorted.

Fitness needs to be attained.

Stretching and running and yoga.

A road trip to Scotland with the boy, riding and snapping.

Riding with the boy, a highlight from 2010 is his interest in riding bikes (always assuming he can get out of bed !)

More work on the Anglesey project, would be nice to aim for 2012 exhibiting.

and maybe, just maybe 2011 will see enough nature/bird work for Dave ?