Tuesday, 7 September 2010

K100 was fantasticical

I didn't ride the race but still had an ace and very tiring time...

back up two weeks

I rode a couple of longish rides, culminating with an attempt on Salter Fell, sounds more glamourous than it is, I wanted to ride from the caravan in Pilling off road to Lancaster, then up the bike path to Caton and then uphill to Salter Fell, its a ride I've been map staring at for a number of years now but never got around to it. Well this time I had a reason to try it, a final try out for my back in anticipation of K100.

Set off in sunshine along the road until I could access the Lancashire coastal path, then along this quite cheeky trail to Glasson dock, its a real shame that this isn't open to bikes, its interesting that this should be restricted to walkers as it would/is perfect for cycling along, and no detriment to anyone. Anyway, all going smoothly, no back issues so far, got up through Lancaster and then to Caton and popped off the bike trail and up.

Ands this is where it started, pushing on the pedals hurt like hell, even spinning a low gear was difficult, after 4 miles or so I stopped and tried to gert off my bike, my back spasmed and I almost fell off !, stretching helped but this was a clear message. I made a few calls, left messages, decision made, I'd be going but not riding.

Looking down to the sea I could see how much I'd climbed, a mere fraction of what K100 had in store, I was relieved with my decision to be honest.

So, the weekend arrives, Friday night was spent helping to register the riders, standing in the same spot for some 6 hours was not the brightest idea in hindsight, but two pints later and I'm fast asleep, up again at 5 and this time ready with camera in hand helping out Joolze cover the event, 100 miles ia lot of ground for just two photogs and an extra pair of hands is useful, see here for results, some of them are actually in focus !

Race finished, my job done, just watching the state of the late finishers (of which I would have been one of) again confirmed my decision, I don't think I can face another DNF again.

Sunday and again up early to take Biff to Ullswater for his triatholon attempt (this after having completed K100), he set off on he swim and I felt quite humbled, hats off cock :-).

With time to kill I decided to go and ride a trail that I last rode over 15 years ago, across from Patterdale and up the bridleway with the lake to my left, it was wonderful old school mountainbiking, lots of pushing, a few dodgy moments where I scared myself and had to remember I was on my own here, no one else about at this early hour. The pushing took it out of my back and decided to cut the ride short at Howtown and then remembered that the steam ferry stops here.

£7.20 got me and my bike a ride on the boat back to Patterdale, here I bumped into Dean and handed responsibilty for Biff over, my weekend done, home for 4 and an early bed.