Monday, 26 January 2009

15, 16 and seveteeeen !

15 and 16 were just straight forward there and back affairs, work sucked.

However number 17 deserves a special mention, it was a social ride, Dave, Sharon, Kelvin, Ollie and Jennifer set off once again up Jack Bridge and this week it was a whole lot easier, no dizzyness, no rising puke this time, following much the same route as last week and all going well until I hit the ground hard.

Hard enough to break one of my teeth !

I've worked it out now, I was slowing down and looking for somewhere to stop to take photographs, about 3mph I reckon when my front wheel slipped off one of the pack horse stones into hub deep mud, the bike stopped but I didn't, landed on my back bursting my camelbac bladder (which I didn't notice until I got home) and catching the inside of my right leg on the brake lever as I flew over the top, left knee and both shins took a clattering.

Bars bent, back brake lever bent, front brake blown out.

And of course it goes without saying that there was an audience of ramblers who looked on open mouthed until I stood up and shaked myself down, this time I did feel sick.

The guys came past asking if I was okay, of course I said yes, but then once past I had to sit down and gather myself, my left knee was throbbing, I had two boiled eggs on my shins and both of these were bleeding, soon after some adrenalin kicked in and I got going. The rest of the ride was much fun but I could feel a stiffening going on as we made our way upto the top despite a feeble attempt on my part to play the card, and the effort was rewarded by the sun coming out just as we hit the tops.

Coffee and cake at the railway and we were done, another 15 miles in the bag but more importantly a few more circles along the road to fitness :-).

Sunday saw me out walking (or that should be limping) in the peak district for a change of pace, it was also a reccy through Macc Frest for next weekend's 1 Ton Weekend.

This morning I was far too stiff to ride, i fact it was difficult to walk, hopefully thats my annual crash out of the way for this year....ouch...

Legs don't look too hot today mind unless brown and purple are in fashion.

This week should see a few 20 milers before a big weekend of two 60 miles days.

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  1. annual crash? - I'm averaging one per two weeks commuting :(

    It must be said you are inspiring me to extend my commute and hopefully do some none commute miles as well soon.