Tuesday, 3 February 2009

24 and 25

Monday, the day after the weekend and I was officially broken, my right knee was sore and swollen from the near as damn it 100 miles at the weekend and I'd decided that it was going to be a car day...

Until I looked through the curtains..... SNOW !!!!!

quickly getting dressed into riding gear and my knee started to make some ooh ahh noises, but I could see that the snow hadn't been disturbed and my tracks would be the first of the day, and they were apart from some fox tracks, bliss !

30 mins later and I'm back in the world of misery

The ride home was a bitterly cold experience, sleet and rain, a complete change from the fluffy whiteness of the morning.

Today was predicted to be a black ice day, and given that my legs were as stiff as a board it became a car day, tomorrow will see the SS Felt cross bike out and being given a real off road test, there's a nice twisty climb to conquer and some overgrown singletrack to belt through.

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  1. Ice, knee support, neurofen and I'd say rest but that'd be pointless ;)