Sunday, 21 June 2009

Cracking up ?

Funny old week

Tuesday and my ribs were easing so I rode (slowly) to work, so far so good, Wednesday did the same and they had eased enough that I could walk without the tenseness and no need for painkillers :-)

Thursday tried the Felt to work, seemed fine enough to allow for an off road excursion to meet Dave, only an hour but all good, Friday much the same, by now I was planning to do some local trails at the weekend.

Saturday morning, felt okay but a few twinges in my back during the night seemed to indicate not to ride, okay, it was a dull day and I had a n alternative plan to go and photograph great crested Grebes and their chicks, in hind sight may not have been the brightest idea to hump a big lump of glass around.

Saturday night and I hardly slept a wink, lots of pain in my back around the area of the crash, needing painkillers again, feeling grumpy and fed up, painkillers kicking in,

maybe my body is telling me something ?


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