Thursday, 5 November 2009

Motivation injection

Thats what I could do with right now, any ideas ?

No real clarity just yet at work, its looking like end of June next year now at the earliest, which in many respects is good, another 8 pay checks is good

but it means a delay to my plans for freedom in the summer !

However there is a cunning plan to chase the sun all the way around the world forming in my head, starting at SSWC10 in New Zealand, I don't yet know if thats an absolute goer or not, in principle I can go, but I'd like my family to have the same experience as I and be there with me, thats not possible for a number of reasons.

Still, a month away is a realistic dream ..... and then back to reality looking for work in the new year, its unlikely to be the year out I had hoped for but it might be 6 months, which is still a great opportunity

so, some ideas

Lands End to John O Groats, taking 3 weeks or more. (big blue gayer, and bob)

Anglesey Coastal Path taking 12 days (walking)

New Zealand for a month. (Spot 69er)

West Highland Way (at last !, big blue gayer)

Lots of riding to visit friends (big blue gayer)

So, there's my motivation for next year, but how to get through this winter, the Kona has been mudguarded (crud race guards which are officially ace), I have purchased a tyre specifically for the turbo bike, I have made a promise to do a months abstinence before xmas, just need the fricking rain to stop and I'm good to go :-)


  1. End of June? Bummer, that's ages away!

    Stuff to do in winter? Get some cross races done before the season ends then batter yourself on roadie clubruns :)

  2. A month's abstinence from buying bikes? Tough one man. I like Si's idea - check the calendars and bully me would you :)

  3. Right. Cross race. 29th November, Leverhulme Park, Bolton. Mandatory attendance from the 2 Steves. No excuses accepted.

  4. Simon's right it's the way to go. And if I can get round with 'L' plates and a stomach full of butterflies it's clearly well within your remit..