Saturday, 7 August 2010

3 road rides

3 reasonable rides done, each time my back lasted a bit longer, and sat here now after 30 mins of stretching its not hurting at all, fingers crossed !

First ride last Sunday and we headed straight up Cragg Vale, the longest continuos ascent in England, and apart from some heavy breathing my lags felt fine all the way up, however once at the top I hit a pot hole unsighted, hard enough to buckle the back wheel and jarr my back, that was effectively my ride over, just 20 miles but some reasonable climbs, happy.

Tuesday and straight out after work, despite the rain, heading into the back lanes, sprinting up my old hillrep hill and all okay, 30 mins later and some pangs from my back so common sense kicked in and turned back, 30 miles.

Thursday and again straight out after work, I'd spent all day reading various cycling mags (as my laptop was being swapped for a newer version so I had nowt to do all day) and was up for it, first 15 miles was into the wind and I was keeping an average of 18mph and thinking that this could be a 20mph 30 miler, however, once again after an hour my back was starting so I headed back soft pedalling, still ended up with an average of just over 18. happy again.

So, there's still some zip in my legs, my back is getting slowly better, all knee pain had gone (although worryingly my right hip is aching a bit even in this warmth) and next weekend I'll be at SSUK to test my body, the SS IF has been retrieved from the cellar and fettled, hopefully get out for a few hours tonight, and then Delamere tomorrow for a blast through the trees.

3 weeks till Keilder 100, camp site booked, still undecided on bike, obviously gears, 3 weeks for my back to repair....

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  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your back, knee and hip all hold out and that you have a super ride at SSUK.