Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Jan 4th 2012

30in30 was planned for January, didnt happen for various reasons, life has a way of throwing you sometimes...

One good thing I have stuck to though is not drinking since new years eve, 4 days in and already I'm feeling the benefits

Anyway, I've not felt much like riding so decided to go to the gym at work tonight, now I know from bitter experience that diving in and mashing yourself is dumb, I'm older now and slitghtly less dumb so 15 gentle minutes was all I intended to do.

10 minutes jogging on the running machine and 5 minutes rowing, it was enough, I felt my right calf muscle tightening when I upped the speed and gradient so backed straight off, and my belly was getting in the way whilst rowing :-(.

So, its started, tomorrows weather looks better so I'll ride to work, might even weigh myself in the morning, prepare for a shock (thats me not you)


  1. I can only assume the machine is
    still calculating the final figure :O)