Thursday, 9 August 2012

Back in the saddle again
I've had a few months off the bike to concentrate on my drinking, I got pretty good at that but now I'm ready to start riding again. For a change, I'm not making any plans, I've a few ideas spinning around in my head but they depend on a few things that are mostly outside of my control coming together so at this point they are staying private. This last week I've been out riding most days and apart from the aches and pains and saddle soreness I've been loving it, been fortunate that the weather has been reasonable as well, that always helps. 190 odd miles is probably daft when I've done not much of late, but its just been to good to miss. Big bonus this coming weekend is a day in the peaks with friends, can't underestimate how important this is to me, friends who don't mind when I'm out of the loop but are still happy to invite me along, I'm a lucky man to have these (and indeed lots of other) great friends who just accept each other for what we are and with all of our respective foibles. The bad things of this last year (which were partially part of my decision to go underground for a while) should serve to remind us (me) to take the time to preserve and cherish our (my) friends. It shouldn't need saying really, should it.


  1. Good to see you back in the saddle. I should probably do the same.

  2. Good your riding again Steve!
    I drink far too much too, should have changed the blog name to `Drunk a lot` coast cyclist...
    I blame myself. nothing else - not being single/a bit lonely, or a job working for non appreciative people who pay crap wages/ poor conditions but just me...

    My new Salsa bike is my new `get out the house instead of opening a cider` inspiration and as you know we have a great hobbie/interest with lots of friends to share with - good friends,

    Your welcome up here on the Scottish SE coast any weekend you are free my friend -:)


  3. thanks fellas, as I said I'm lucky to have such great frends, I'll be in touch Bruce, soon ;-)