Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Last night

suffered from sore tired legs, no idea why ?, its happening a lot just lately, plus I've had sore and aching shoulders and back which I put down to either sitting in front of a computer screen all day or sitting in an economy seat on an plane all the time...

need more massages :-)

anyway, just did an hour and a half, just spinning my legs out enjoying the warmth, then home

woke up today to pissing down rain and my resolve to ride was instantly washed away, the older I get the less inclined to ride in the rain I get, I know that once I'm out in it I usually enjoy it but getting my fat lazy arse out is the hardest hurdle

anyway, tomorrow looks more promising so we'll see how that goes.

Some plans are starting to take shape now -

next weekend will be down south, ride Friday afternoon, Friday night heckling at a local crit, Saturday seems like a good day to celebrate a small childs birthday with the godfather and a bad uncle, then Sunday should hopefully see a gaggle of old friends out and about riding and drinking tea and eating cake.

Unfortunately there will be one dear friend missing, she's doing some tin pot race in America called the GDR or somat ?

I dunno what she's thinking about, but one things for sure we are all thinking and hoping and sending good vibes across that there ocean :-)

After all that there's a small break in the calendar until some american bird turns up again, then there'll be more driving round, snoring loudly, picking up, dropping off, riding bikes and tea drinking

then looking even further ahead there's a weekend of bivvying somewhere rather cheeky coming up around the August bank holiday

and then again even further, there's a possibilty of a trip out to the alps to catch up with Rob, Lucy and Phil

we'll see how all that goes ;-)

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  1. Hey Steve recovery is important too, try some Rego it really works. See you next weekend for a good old ride on Sunday.

    I'd best make sure the Chameleon is clean and ready to go....