Tuesday, 24 June 2008

well the weekend

came and went without a pedal being turned, Sat saw an early start out to he coast to photograph the great crested grebes with their youngsters, I'm pleased that I got the shot I've been after for a while now. I also had the sublime experience of being less than 6 feet away from a Kingfisher :-)

Sunday saw a visit to Liverpool to see a Gustav Klimt exhibition, didn't float my boat but the birthday girl enjoyed it..

on a seperate note the Albert Dock area was "just another" shopping centre, I don't know why I'm surprised at this really ?

Monday saw a quick spin down the river on the way to work, then the short way home and tonight I managed 2 whole hours of turning the pedals over, once again its nice to be riding in the warmth of the sun :-)

anyway enough about me, now here's a turn up for the books, previously I held quite strong views on drug taking in our sport, I always had the opinion of intolerance, 1 fuck up and you're out, no question regardless of your excuses...

but having just read David Millars interview in Rouleur I have changed my mind, there's a million and one reasons why he took the sauce and he's now quite ashamed of that, but far more positively is his respect for the culture in which he has immersed himself and that he wants to help it get better, in my eyes this is very commendable, more people like him are needed, and importantly he's put his money where hs mouth is as part owner of the team he's racing for.

on the other hand I've also just read the VeloNews interview with Fillip Meairhaeghe, thats not quite so cut and dried, there doesn't appear to any remorse shown there ?, of course that impression could have been exactly what the editor of the mag wanted ?


  1. > of course that impression could have been exactly what the editor of the mag wanted ?

    Indeed. Words can be twisted/stuff left out. Makes it difficult to know what to believe when you read stuff.

    I could do with some strong drugs to sort my sore throat/cold out. I can't remember the last time I rode a bike :(

  2. He's also a foriegn chap so may not have been able to convey his true meaning in english (assuming that's is what the interview was conducted in).

  3. Oooh Klimt is ace one of my favourite, in fact possibly my favourite artist.
    Just getting a competitive edeg and got stupid no different to Millar, although he's probably not being all self righteous about it and wringing his hands in public and crying and wailing, he's maybe made of sterner stuff than Millar and is prepared to stand by his decision rather than do his best to get a reduced punishment. Righteous Indignation - See David Millar.