Sunday, 13 July 2008

Just an hour was all it took

to get THAT feeling back

down the river run late afternoon, yet another new bike, this time a replacement for my broken Spot 29er, this time a modified 26er..

first try with the pace rc29 carbon forks, looked okay, rode diabolicaly

then tried the rigid spot forks, clearance is tight with a big 29er tyre in but it rides like a dream, yaya, my new bike for Delamere

photo's soon

oh and Jenn has finished some race or other over in the states


  1. Thought it might be a bit shit with the long pace fork. Glad you sorted it with the spot forks, still reckon it would be better with a proper wheel though :)

  2. Too bad about the Pace forks. I didn't think it felt weird, but that was just on tarmac. Glad you are happy with it!

  3. Have you taken some pictures of your Indy Fabs for the Owners' Club site yet?

  4. Aha! problem solved - everytime you're feeling low - buy a new bike :)

  5. home brew 96/69er? sounds good, what frame have you built it round? and i have a set of 440mm pace rc31's you can borrow, if you wanna try those, i dont mind, clearance is fine for a 29er wheel.

    post some pics......