Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Taking a newbie out

had the pleasure of taking a newish rider out for a quick short spin this evening, only maybe 6 miles to the pub but I'm sure Yvonne enjoyed it, hopefully she'll get out a bit more over the summer, a pint at the pub finished the ride for her then I span back home along the river for a while...

Hopefully the weather will hold for tomorrow and I'll get out of work early enough for a spin, and possibly even an early one on Friday morning before jetting off to Greece for two weeks in the sun where I hope to do a bit of running in the sand with the aim of getting some strength into my legs in time for sleepless in the saddle in mid August where I've hopefully got a solo place !!

this is stuupid, I'm no where near fit enough to ride for 24 hours but inspired by Jens amazing effort at the grand divide race which you can read about here

If Jen can ride 2500 miles in 22 days then surely I can do a couple of hundred in a day, I'll be having a "what would Jen do ? " sticker on my top tube for inspiration :-)


  1. Have a great break, steve - as for running in the sand on any Greek beach in July.....only for another Mythos :)kgmiu

  2. Well done with the newbie. When you have as much experience as you it's not always easy teaching people how to do things that come naturally to you. Explain how to work 27 gears to someone f'rinstance.

    Fortunately when I was teaching Kirsty she was teaching me how to ride so we both knew how hard it was to be the newbie.

    Now that I'm, ahem, competent on the horse one of the things I love about surfing is that whole difficulty of learning something new.

  3. See you at SITS, me and Chris and beer will be there ;0)

  4. Have a great holiday Steve. You're mad doing SITS, just make sure Dave doesn't go if you want to do a reasonable number of laps :)

  5. Angelic Jenn on one shoulder, red-hot-pokery Raoul on the other.

    Good luck!