Sunday, 31 August 2008

somethings gotta change

Photo blatently stolen from Simon :-)

fed up with being overweight and unfit now, done that, got the T shirt...

so, another 30 in 30 is about to start tomorrow, get up early and get an hour in then hopefully a night ride at Delamere tomorrow, should be fun,
Next two days will be a bit more difficult, especially as I'm in Germany Tues and Weds, cunning plan is to get up early at 6 and get my hour in for Tuesday and then do a night ride on Wednesday after arriving home at 8.

This weekends plan has gone okay so far, Saturday saw a road ride to Tims place, I cheated a little and went the short way, 58 miles at 17.7mph average emptied my legs pretty much.

Sat night saw me and the boy wandering around the Rapha organised Salford Nocturne and very good it was too, lots of fun amateur races, roller racing and a very impressive pro race in the dark, must have quite scary racing those narrow roads at 35mph in the twilight !.

Today my legs were still shafted so the planned ride to Delamere with 360 was aborted and we did a pleasant 35 miles through the lanes ending up at the Bike Shak for a brew with Simon and Leon.

Final part of the weekend jigsaw is 2 bottles of fine ale chilling in the fridge to be followed by a 2004 Chateu Neuf de Pape, my last drink for a month, yes folks, as well as doing 30 rides in 30 days I'm also on the wagon for a month as well !!


  1. Good to see you and Dave this morning. The shop went really busy after you'd left and I got stuck with the family from hell. Sold them 4 bikes but they were bloody hard work!

    I'll be joining you on the wagon in September, halfway through my last bottle of wine just now. Don't know about 30 from 30 but I'll sort a bike out shortly and ride to work tomorrow so that I at least make it past day 1.

  2. Moderation, man, thats what you need.

    Drink less and ride longer and more often when you feel like it.

    The enforced 30 in 30 and no drink for a month is not the way forward.

    Here endeth the lesson.

    Long ride next Saturday/sunday and a beer afterwards? ;o)

  3. Well - whatever works for you!

    I've just hit 31 rides in 31 days, varying from 12 to 35 miles, and by cutting out the sweet stuff and moderating my alcohol intake, I've lost 11lbs in that time.

    More importantly I reckon keeping the weight off is sustainable - providing I keep the balance about the same.

    Hope it works for you, Steve.

  4. decided last week i was gonna start a 30 in 30, so im off out tonight, gonna make sure i finish it this tim unless something else drops on my head this time..........

    not stoppin boozin tho.