Tuesday, 2 September 2008

30 in 30 begins

Monday Sept 1st

17 stone 8lbs

Up at 7 (late) so straight to work on the Spot (20 mins)
bowl of Oats
Cheese sandwhich
Leave work at 5 and spin, and spin, and spin for the next two hours, decide that 32x18 is not the best choice for a road ride (it was pissing down and the trails were wrecked) but I just settled in to a 90rpm steady flow, got to thinking about how many hours Jenn must have been in the saddle to have ridden 120 miles a day, just as I was pondering that Leon appeared fully Trekked out and we got to talking about some girl that Simon knew who has just ridden from Canada to Mexico !.

home, bathed and then out for a meal with Janet, this time last week I was sat in a swanky restaraunt in San Francisco

Olives, Pizza, tomato and basil salad, half bottle of Rioja Blanca (there goes the wagon, leaving town without me)

Tuesday 2nd Sept

Up at 545am, out for and hour, 17 mles, now ready for a bath before work and flying to Germany, tomorrow home at 8 and then out for another hour, no one said it was goingto be easy :-)

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