Sunday, 26 October 2008

9 days without a ride

Thats possibly the longest time ever between rides barring holidays and work trips for 20 years, and I haven't missed it one bit, instead I have been pretending to be a photographer for the last week, been all along the north west coast photographing birds, the weather has been mixed, either raining or about to rain, some sunshine, lots of wind, never boring.

I reckon I've shot around about a thousand different images and may even have some worth showing when the time is right, in total now I have around 500 gigabytes of images to wade through this coming winter, thats the sum of all my trips to photograph birds over the last two years, I think about 80 different species which is not too bad considering I wasn't looking for rarities and concentrating on every day birds.

and now the week off work is over and its back to reality....

The commute to work is the main plan in getting some riding in now that the darkness is upon us, the cross bike has been fettled with new brake pads and some 35mm tyres, the chain has been lubed and new bar tape fitted (yellow for a change) and some new waterproofs have been purchased ( Endura Event 3/4's and a Berghaus jacket reduced at Chain Reaction) so I'm ready to go, only slight issue on the horizon is that the local trails are under water after this weekends rain, hopefully that will subside by the morning as the weather is predicted to get cold but finally stop raining.


  1. Endura Event 3/4s rock. They are my favourite bit of bike kit at the moment!

  2. They sound good but is the sizing typical Endura madness?

    I have Humvee trousers and Zyme 3/4's in the same size, yet the waist (and general baggyness) on the Zymes is a good few inches bigger....

  3. would you be interested in having on or more of those 500gig of pics displayed life size as a backdrop to a display -part of an exhibition of cycling Steve?