Tuesday, 14 October 2008

wet behind the ears ?, well just about everywhere actually

tonights ride home was bloody awful...

back track to last week, didn't do much other than ride to and from work for the best part of the week until Friday, Friday came and more of the same stress and mither at work and I finally gave in to the chest pains and headache and walked out at lunchtime, I figured that my head was in such a spin that I was beyond being affective and it was time to call it a day, the fact that the sun was shining and the trails were dry just added to the momentum.

2 and a half hours later and I was back in the land of the living, destressed and sweaty, and importantly a sense of reality had returned.

Weekend didn't see a bike being even looked at, dropped No1 child off at her university on Saturday and then had an early night ready for an early start to get out photographing early, plan was to got to Tatton Park for the rut but the weather put paid to that, dull grey wet.

Quick change of plan saw an early start at Marshside, lots of birds around but limited photographic opportunities so I headed up the M6 to Leighton Moss where the sun had come out, a new to me bird (Bearded Tit) and the pleasure of watching and photographing a heron catch and finally eat an enormous eel finished off the day.

Monday saw an early start as I knew I'd have a long weekly report to put together at work, proved to be a good move as the trail was still in good condition so I went the middle way and the report still got done on time :-)

Home to pick up the car and 360 and away to Delamere for a night ride with the Delamere Regulars, idea was to shoot the ride for an article in Singletrack magazine, it actually worked out quite well, 4000 asa 1/15th at f1.4, no need for lights, the Nikon D300 is pretty bloody amazing, there's no way on earth that I could have done this shoot without extensive use of flash which of course would have completely ruined the atmosphere.

Anyway, the ride was ace as always with Dave Dodd leading, the evening was warm and balmy and for the most part the trails were dry and tacky, 2 hours of glorious singletrack, anyone who says Delamere is boring and flat is frankly talking out of their arse !

Today I again got up early but this time it was to allow me to clean my bike at work, those dry trails seemed to have thrown a lot of mud onto my bike, all done and dusted and then tonight home in the pissing rain again .
Chocolate Lime is now put away and the VooDoo Earzulie has been retrieved from the cellar, skinny mud tyres and crud catchers have been fitted, this will be the commuter bike of choice for the coming winter along with some Endura Event 3/4 baggies, a new white Campag rain jacket (yes white Jo, its slimming ) and some Pearl Izumi waterproof gloves...

I'm good to go now, bring on the worst of it ;-)

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