Monday, 29 December 2008

Cold's Suck

3 weeks ago I woke up thinking I was on fire.

I thought I had meningitis.

My skeleton was on fire.

What I actually had was flu, but it was officially the worst feeling in the world I've ever experienced bar none.

A weekend in bed followed by a slow recovery until I had to go back to work on the following Friday.

Walking to the shops left me sweaty and wheezy.

The works xmas do and the STW xmas do were ruined for both me and Janet.

I made an impulse purchase of a Kona Dew, it was a bargain, Leon fitted some mudguards and it rides exceptionally well for a £200 bike !

I've coughed so long and so hard that I've pulled muscles in my chest.

I've woke up speechless the last few days, its been a few hours before any noise has come from my mouth.

I have ridden to work a few times now but each time has left me sweaty and wheezy.

I will wait till the new year and then will finally give in and visit the doctor ( I hate doctors).

I desperatley want to ride my bike in the hills whilst this cold snap is still around.

This coming Sunday will see me riding a bike, before and after the todmorden cross race that Chips is organisng.

That is all.

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