Wednesday, 3 December 2008

time for an update I guess

well, to be honest not much to say, as usual

hardly ridden a bike due to a losing combination of work, weather and just bone idleness

been to Germany with work which as you can imagine was a non stop festival of laughter

Was aiming to get out riding this weekend just gone but freezing fog and freezing roads stalled me completely and the ice has hung around so far all week so its been the car to work as I really cant face the thought of sliding down the road on my arse again.

Xmas is coming and I'm already at the limit of my tolerance for xmas carols and other assorted xmas shit, but on the bright side, friends will be arriving in the north soon for a few weeks of riding and carousing, its time to get my game on if I'm to stay the distance

So, with that in mind this coming Sunday should see me sweating and grunting my way around a loop of the usual, hopefully not holding up the crowd too much, and then the commuting starts again, mudguards are fitted, long legs are retrieved from the back of the cupboard and next year is yet another kick start to fitness (hopefully this year it will happen, yes I'm sick and tired of all my false starts)

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  1. i just heard my first christmas song today :D

    move to spain, they're still catching up on the 'stuff christmas shit down your throat' teachniques