Thursday, 21 May 2009

67 ........ 72

In the last month I have ridden a bike just 6 times

67, work and home

68, Sunday morning at Delamere with Tim

69, work and home

70, work and home the long way

71, work and home the long way

72, very early start at Delamere

100 miles approx, lots of fun, lots of rain, lots of beer and wine.

The woman who's had an operation is recovering well.

I've managed to tear a muscle in my calf, the physio is saying deep muscle trauma, my leg is saying ouch, ooyaa, bugger

Its looking like another week off the bike, its looking like Bristol will be yet another poor showing

but, compared to some I've come off lightly, first Grant with his collar bone, Jenn with her wrist, now Chris with her shoulder, the artist and his lungs, and then there's Matt with his ankle, its not been a good year for the cheeky people

However, there is a fun weekend looming, there is a road bike begging for a hiding (hopefully next week pending deep muscle trauma pissing off)

keep smiling


  1. you better fix yourself in time for bristol.

  2. Have no fear I'll bring an alcoholic poultice on standby