Monday, 13 April 2009

63, 64, 65 and 66

63, Thursday, straight to work, long way home, 25 miles for the day.

64, Friday, straight to work, straight home, 10 miles, nothing to note.

65, Saturday, 22 miles in the peaks with 24 other people, The Modfather had arranged a fantastic weekend at a bunkhouse in Bamford, lots of the usual suspects, some new faces, all good, the ride was lots of fun, lots of faffage, lots and lots of stops for chats and laughs, 6 hours out, just about 4 hours of riding very slowly, beer almost at the end, just before the DDDD descent at the back of Bamford, one from the old days there.

Best moment of the day ?, seeing Andy Armstrong on a bike and enjoying himself, the boy done good, everyone enjoyed that.

A late late night followed, not too much alcohol but lots of deep and meaningful chat, all the people involved go back some years and need to know that we all love each other. If you were there you were there because you are a valued friend.

Sunday morning followed and another ride gathered its momentum, even slower today, a bit less chat, hangovers kicking in, nothing epic by any means but finishing with cake and ice cream at the Woodbine was the perfect end.

10 miles.

142 for the week, 968 for the year.

It would appear that century fever is amongst us, all over the country friends are doing old school century's, I need to raise my game and get in amongst it...

It'll have to wait a while though, SWMBO is now out of hospital and recovering well, but gently does it, steady away to quote Sharon, even though I'm off work this week I'll only be doing the odd ride down the river :-)

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