Tuesday, 16 August 2011

500 miles in no particular order

Done quite a bit of riding since that last post, even done some longish 75 mile plus rides, but on one of them I hit a tree and twisted my back, didn't think much of it at the time but its been paining me since.

SITS was fun but I knew before I got there that I wasn't going to be racing, did my 1st lap at a sedate pace and then the rain came down, bringing back memories of 2007, our team didn't take much persuasion to hit the beer and relax through the night even though the course was drying.

Getting up at 6 to a glorious sunrise and I took the first lap, tried a bit on this one and enjoyed it but my back was paining me so that was it for me, the others all got out and finished the event in style, it was a good weekend but I've no desire to race for 24 hours again at the moment.

Last two weeks have seen little enthusiasm for riding, just commutes with the odd extension thrown in, last weekend saw me out on the road bike, snapped chain, snapped spoke evaporated that ride, Sunday was better, Trek 69er on dusty trails right until the end when the sky started leaking heavily.

Monday's ride was on the Kite, surprisingly dusty trails again, about 30 miles, today was a straight there and back affair, a run in with a Galaxy was enough to dampen my enthusiasm tonight.

So, I have a ten day break from work starting on Friday, we have plans for the weekends, this weekend at the caravan so I'll be taking the fat bike and exploring around Silverdale/Arneside and a couple of road rides, mid week 3 long rides, next weekend in Anglsey with the fat bike again (hopefully).

500 miles is my target, 500 enjoyable pain free miles.

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