Tuesday, 23 August 2011

mid week check in

So, the weekend at the caravan came and went, weather was mixed but I did get out on each day...

Friday, my back was playing up after a night on a strange bed, just got out for a few hours along the coastal path on the fat bike, unfortunately the beach was too wet to ride on, must have been a high tide the night before - 12 miles - 2 hours.

Saturday and feeling better, I headed along the coast in a northerly direction, a few tiresome miles along the road to the coastal path and then dirt all the way, heavy going on the sand as it was very soft but I persevered, a full fat bike would be a better option., I eventually got to Sunderland Point (after a pint and a burger) and rode along the point, again the sand was way too soft so I turned back for home. Got to about 6 miles from home and the sky started to leak heavily, thoroughly soaked to the skin - 45 miles - 6 hours.

Sunday, Singular Kite single cross bike, wasn't feeling too perky after yesterdays soaking but got out anyway, up along the Glasson Dock path to Lancaster and back - 31 miles - 2 hours.

Monday, tried to persuade the boy to do Saturdays ride but I knew he wasn't keen so decided to drive to the dirt and skip the tedious road miles, we got to Sunderland Point, this time I'd brough my camera so spent a happy hour shooting the derelict boats whilst Jack played on his phone ! - 33 miles - 4 hours.

Tuesday, early start on local trails to beat the rain, upto Latchford then back down to Northendon, again enjoying the Singular Kite single cross bike, currently my favourite bike, back still painful but bearable - 40 miles - 3 hours.

161 miles so far, only 339 to go by next Tuesday :-)

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