Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Back Riding

After a weekend spent talking bikes it was time to start riding them again, Monday was a non starter due to having incredibly sore achilles tendons, so sore that I was struggling to walk, a weekend of standing up all day and drinking heavily at nigh will do that, some stretching sorted that out and I was ready for an early start on Tuesday.

Amazing light, but still cold, arm warmers would have been a good idea in hindsight !

Only 6 miles on the way to work but it restored something inside.

Heading back out in the sunshine after work, I just wanted to keep going, spring has arrived for sure.

Another 25 dusty miles knocked off, okay it was only the trans penine trail but so what, my legs were finally moving.

Today I got up early and headed off, superb light, combined with arm warmers and a gillet, took the slightly longer route along the canal, the sun really stirring things up now, 8 miles.

and again, after work, another 18 miles in sunshine, gotta make the most of this weather window ;-)

Hopefully 3 rides tomorrow, work, back and Delamere night ride.

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