Sunday, 18 March 2012

March 18th - brief catch up

So, I finally got to a Delamere night ride with Nick, Tim, Ian and Rob, we span around for just over an hour, it was bloody warm, and suddenly we were there amongst them, frogs and toads, hundreds if not thousands of them, its obviously that time of year again :-)

Did a few commutes, nothing longer than about 10 miles each way, my neck was still sore and prone to jarring, also of note was a couple of cold chilly mornings, this winter has been a bit of a let down with regard to snow after the last two years, my Mukluk will only see sand this year I reckon.

I took a few days off work to ride, but best laid plans and all that..., I did manage to get to Delamere for one afternoon, decided to ride the Hospital Trail as I'd heard that it was being cut up in preparation for a new venture, 80 log cabins are goin to be built in this part of the wood, its a real shame as this is a truly great little trail but I guess things change...

I did finally manage to get a ride with Dave and Sharon, 1st this year I think ?, or at least a long while, too long....

We were riding at Gisburn Forest, specifically looking at the trails with a view towards the race that Dave is promoting later in the year, I think it'll be perfect, about 8 miles per lap, 3 laps, should take the fast boys and girls about 2 hours, nothing too technical until you hit warp speed ;-).

Just one ride of any note last week, along one from work to home, still not feeling quite right, I think a visit to the docs is on the cards :-(.

But, we did get a great social ride in yesterday, just 14 miles in the white peak, lots of laughs, a few stops for tea and cake, great fun all in all.

And then today, another 24 miles on local trails, trails that on Friday were starting to turn to dust but were once again a quagmire, still good for the soul though :-)

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