Friday, 24 May 2013

Anglesey V2 pt2

In light of recent events (ie me being knackered and not recovering very well) I took the Weds off as a walking and exploring day, I'd long wanted to find a couple of old abandoned chapels that I visited 25 years ago when doing the Parry's Mount book, only trouble was that I'd forgotten where they were !

A bit of map gazing and internet searching gave me a couple of possible locations, both proved to be correct, the first chapel known as the mud chapel has been left to rot away, such a shame as this was in service as recent as the 1960's, and of course still lots of family graves in the graveyard. When I last visited I was using a 10 x 8 plate camera, and although abandoned the roff was intact and the insides in reasonable shape, this time the roof has partly fallen in and the insides vandalised and rotting.

The 2nd chapel has been tended to and looked after, signs of people cutting the grass and not letting it deteriorate any further.

The rest of the day was spent walking the coast and marvelling at the sheer size and audacity of some of the bigger posher houses :-)

Thursday was back to riding day, I'd decided to follow one of the routes that have been chosen to best illustrate the island by bike, in this case the Copper Trail, basically taking a loop around Parry's Mount.

It was a great ride, once again blue skies but windy and still cool enough for arm warmers.

Friday and my last day, I decided to get some singletrack in so stripped the bike back down to mountain bike mode and went light so no camera, heading over to Aberfraw to park the car I remebered a back road from a few weeks back so headed off to Newborough from here, finally got into the forest and starting sniffing out the singletrack, not a huge amount but lots of cheeky trails, primarily built for horse ridewrs I think (when I say built I mean allocated) but as it was early morning midweek and there wasn't any horse boxes in the car park I hit it fast.

And then that was it done, my 2 weeks of adventure hadn't quite happened as I had planned, but I had rode my bike for 9 of those 14 days, I'd seen parts of Anglesey I hadn't before, I ticked off a climb that I've long wanted to do... but most importantly I'd had fun, better than working for a living :-)

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  1. Looks like a good time even if not to plan anyway Steve, amazing pics as always,

    beats working! -:)