Sunday, 2 June 2013

working again .....

Post Angelsey and I had a few days of work, photographing stuff for the CTC, it wasn't really work although I will get paid for it, best part though was spending time with my 2 favourite birds (well 2nd favourite after my wife obviously), getting time to catch up with their lives and time to ride bikes.

2nd best part was catching up with Biff and Ruth, albeit briefly.... 3rd best part was seeing Sam, again very briefly

No photos to share from this, but they will appear at some time, and I'll be back at the end of June to do more of the same.

Coming home early due to poor weather forecasts, of course they were correct and the right decision made, this allowed for riding from home.

Saturday saw a sharpish 35 miler, Salsa Vaya out to Pickmere and back

Tuesday a wet 15 miles exporing, change of bike to the old faithful Karate Monkey, along the canal into the city centre

Thursday a long and hard 63 miles, didnt eat breakfast, bonked like a schoolboy, stupid lesson learnt (I hope)

Friday a slow easy 47 miles, along the Cheshire lanes, to the fab cafe at Jodrell Bank

Sunday a fantastic 23 miles with Nick, nothing spectacular just riding along and chatting and enjoying each others company, hatching plans for more summer rides

and then Boom, I'm back on Anglesey, another week of touring my favourite place, exploring back roads and coastal paths, expect lots of pictures :-)

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  1. Spinning the cranks and getting the miles in, good man!