Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Its been a funny old day...

A week off the bike seemed to have helped the ills disapear, a short break in Jersey certainly helped, it was, to coin the cliche, a bit like going back in time only with all the mod cons, lots of ferrari's driving along in 2nd gear, lots of polite and pleasant people, lots of lovely coastal walks and great food and wine.

The biggest impression was the wartime history, there's no getting away from it and being so close was quite moving.


Ride number 60, Monday, straight to work and then a long ride home, once again the cheap and cheer full Kona was the weapon of choice, chosen for its mudguards, not really needed as no rain was spilt, that bike is 100 times better than it has any right to be, sure its heavy but it just damn works.

25 miles

Ride 61, again straight to work on the Kona, middle way home, 20 miles for the day.

Ride 62, and yet again straight to work, this time on the Trek 69er, I really like this bike, it just feels and rides right and as Ben said it is one of those bikes that is blessed with rightness, hell even the ISIS bottom bracket is still running smoothly after a year ( I have to say that I have previous with ISIS, having blasted through these bottom brackets in as little as 15 miles) , the consensus of friends is that its a cheap and cheerful version, i:e cheap and heavy, therefore strong. And of course after posing this question to my cheeky friends I readily accepted that this forthcoming weekends shenanigans will be cursed :-).

The bell fnally rang at work and was out into the sunlight, heading west along the trans pennine trail until the first puncture, couldn't believe it, a stick had torn through the tyre, quick tube change and a make do tyre boot and away, turning soon enough and heading back with the sun on my back, got to the point of decision and felt that feeling of tyre squealing as you turn, another damn puncture, as I jumped of the bike I noticed something a bit odd in the gutter, a ginger ladies wig !!

No idea how that got there, presumably some kind of strange liason gone wrong ?, any how I put it on a post just in case the owner was looking for it.

The day was done now, 30 miles for the day, 75 for the week so far, 901 for the year.

More to come on Thursday and Friday and then a weekend in the peak districts beckons :-)


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