Monday, 23 March 2009

Sunshine, sunshine.....grey.....ill...shit

So, where were we ?

ah yes, 58 and 59

58 actually comprised of 3 rides in one day, middle way to work, short way home and then Benji's birthday night ride, probably 20 miles in total, the work rides were pleasant enough, but the highlight of the day was the short night ride, up Jack bridge and for the first time this year my legs felt as though there was a little bit of life in them, got to the top hardly breathing, and had held a conversation all the way up !, going down over the other side of the valley was lots of fun also, despite almost taking Charlotte (CLO Radsville as she likes to be known, and is deserving of the name) out by my poor riding, cleaned punch the wall, almost cleaned conkers deep (1 dab) but then stalled at the steps at the last bit, but no matter, I had a lot of fun, quick pint afterwards and Dave and I had to leave before the celebrations really got going.

59 (Friday) up early and out, longish way to work, legs a bit stiff from last night, but the sun was rising, ace ride, 12 miles off road all the way, then leaving work early, long way home, 2 hours soaking in the sunlight, mmmmm...

another 25 miles.

Total for the week is 142 miles, quite pleased with that, more importantly though is the amount of saddle time :-)

Weekend greyness returned, I'd kind of planned not to ride on Saturday anyway, had some Avocets to photograph, shame the light was awful, Sunday and more greyness and not feeling too brilliant so again set off after the Avocets, nowt much happening though.

Monday, woke up feeling not quite right, stayed in bed for most of the day, feels like the cold from last year is coming back, not really a big surprise, friends are reporting similar, my folks have got it bad (and after I visited on Saturday I'm not surprised) so we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Only two days left in which to ride this week as we are off to Jersey for a short break, rthe weather is looking terrible, almost certain to not ride again till next week :-(

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  1. Conkers Deep? Beech Nuts and Darkside :o)