Sunday, 5 July 2009

Century Weekend

This weekend saw the first running of he Singletrack world classic weekend, for various reasons I couldn't make that event so decided to try for a century on my own, the weather looked promising so I picked the SS Felt from the quiver and set off on Saturday afternoon. The transpenine trail was the choice, flat and dusty, all going well until mile 30 when my right knee imploded which meant standing and bearing my weight difficult, so I turned back defeated, still the sun was shining, there wasn't too many nerks on the trail so I limped back home.

Three miles from home and the heavens opened, proper tropical rain drops the size of eggs meant I was completely soaked by the time I got home.

54 miles

Sunday and again the sun was shining so I set off again, down the TPT which was bone dry already, all going well, even bumped into an old friend, and then the rain came down again, and even heavier than yesterday, the trails had no more soakabilty so it was standing brown water for the next hour until I eventually gave up and once again turned for home.

No knee issues today and the trails started to dry out so I continued upto the pyramid at Stockport, threatening clouds meant a sharpish retreat to get home with 52 miles on the clock.

So it was a century weekend but done over two days,maybe next weekend....


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