Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Walking, Thinking, Planning


let me think

Fairford Airshow weekend - ace

Munro weekend, 22 miles on foot, at least half of it uphill, cyclists legs meant pain, solitude, peace ad quiet (no wind) midges, beer whisky, stretching, 3 fried breakfasts - ace

last two work weeks punctuated by several there and backs - ordinary

New/Old bike - ace

fast as a very fast thing if someone else was in charge

30 miles yesterday in the rain and mud - ace

20 miles today in the rain and mud - ace

legs feel strong - ace

weekend rides looming, local trails as I'm on call - ordinary

Delamere early Sinday with Tim - double ace

Keilder 100 FAIL already, common sense dictated that I'll be a tail end charlie marshall this year - gnar

Big Dog barking away in my head, should be doable, and bonus ride in the downs that are south - ace

some photography, some creativity - ace

more rain expected in August- shite

great stuff

Le Tour - fantastic, too much to say - ace

Some friends coming back into the radar - treble ace

some friends going off the radar - minus 7 aces

and as always plans, plan and more plans, looking at this coming winters cx races, looking at next years middle enduro races, we'll see, there's a lot of water to go under the bridge before firmness can be achieved


  1. Who has gone on and off the radar?

  2. > Delamere early Sunday with Tim - double ace

    It was at least double ace :)