Wednesday, 9 February 2011


On reflection I enjoyed 30in30, sometimes it was difficult, and sometimes I was doing it for the sake of doing it... but overall I enjoyed it.

However, the best part has been the benefits to my health and attitude that 30in30 brought, I'm over a stone lighter, I'm fitter than I've been for two years, I'm loving riding my bike again having broken that barrier of pain versus enjoyment, and of most importance it helped me enormously in my battle against alcohol.

The fitness benefits hit home yesterday, I rode for an hour in the morning, and then in the afternoon I rode hard for almost three and a half hours, it hurt like hell, but I loved it, relishing the twitchy legs that prevented me from sleeping soundly last night.

Now the term battle may sound dramatic, it almost certainly is compared to some people, but I do have an issue with alcohol, its not news, in fact whilst writing this I have consumed 3 bottles of beer and most of a bottle of red wine, there's another bottle of beer that I will drink after writing this so that there is nothing in the house (well nothing thats immediately available) which will help me go for another month of abstinence.

At new year I said that I'm ready to stop drinking, I shied away from saying forever because I didn't think I could do it, to be honest I still don't think I can, but I'm going to try anyway.

After 30in30 I had a drink to celebrate, then a few nights later again which meant two nights last week, then this week I've drank on Monday, Tuesday and tonight, I'm falling headlong into my old ways... its not going to happen again.

So what is 30in30X2 ?, well I figure that I can do either one 2 hour ride per day, or two 1 hour rides per day for 30 days, apart from the gym bike days I pretty well did this anyway during 30in30, I can ride for an hour before work, and easily do an hour after, especially as the days are starting to draw out now, the riding will be the easy part, but essential towards another 30 days of abstinance.

Wish me well :-)

and an update from last weekend - rain stopped play on Saturday and Sunday turned into a very very wet mountainbike road ride with the boy, it was ace, photo's here


  1. Good luck, sounds a good challenge.

    For me I found the days when I had to drag myself out for just an hour hard enough, two hours would have been too much.

    I'll be with you in spirit though.

  2. I've done my annual give up booze this month because you had, now what? I've put on weight since i stopped drinking, go figure as they say.
    Keep riding, I'll expect to see a fitter sleaker papa in the summer, when we can get pissed.

  3. Splendid. You can do all of the riding that I can't be arsed to do and I will drink all of the booze that you're not drinking. Happy Days.

  4. who me or papa?

    and wy are there all these adverts everywhere?