Friday, 18 February 2011

Fail ?

30in30 - day 5, a big day, an hour and a half in the cold cold morning, misty, claggy mizzle, and then another hour and a half in the evening, warm sun, clear skies, going cool, but just lovely - got home full of endorphins, very happy and pleased with a good day.

30in30 - day 6, up early but legs not playing, straight to work, bout 30 mins, hoping that a days rest will see some life appear, a few difficult issues at work drained me, I'm out of shape where work issues are concerned, one particular issue has been plaguing me for a week or so now and this all conspired to suck my desire to ride right out.

So, I headed straight home, legs heavy, heart heavy, no inspiration, not looking forward to the weekend as a failure....

but then this happened

just watch this video with the kid in it and tell me that doen't make you smile and brighten any day up :-)

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