Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Drying trails ?

30in30 - day 3 - one and a half hours on local trails this morning, pretty slithery out there, trailrakers helped a lot in the skills area (i:e not watching where I was going leaning into a corner), legs suffered like hell though with a low spinny gear. Straight home after work.

30in30 - day 4 - 30 mins commute this morning meant an hour on the way home, legs still heavy, I'm obviously tired now and the thought of jacking 30in30 in occurred to me several times during the day but...

Out I went, turned right and headed for the trans pennine trail and westwards to do my hour, after 30 minutes or so my legs livened up a tough so I pressed on for while until I realised I had the wind on my back !, turned around and boom, legs suddenly got heavy again.

An hour and twenty minutes, job done, legs still missing in action.

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