Monday, 2 May 2011

2 month catch up

ok, whats been happening ?


March, lets think

road rides, mountainbike rides

road rides down south, art fag stuff, lots of drunken chat, meeting nice new people, feeling stronger on the bike

April ?

road rides up north, mountainbike rides in the locale, a bad cold, I mean really bad that got on my chest, the return of hayfever as the sap starts to rise and the trails dry out (happens every spring), a long holiday from work hat has involved gardening, riding, walking, laughing, eating, drinking and lots and lots of lovely sunshine leading to bike riders tan lines, all leading to an attempt at the 12 hour solo championships, well at least riding around for 12 hours.

oh yeah, fat bikes, I've bought two Surly Karate Monkeys with fat front ends and semi fat rear ends, frunning 26 inch wheels in these monkeys allows for a fat 3 inch tyre, me and the boy have been on a few rides now, the 32x20 gear is very very spinny on the flat but perfect for on the beach, looking forward to getting to Skye for a week of exploring the coast line, first of many I hope :-)

Thats pretty much it, no major dramas or depressions to report, mostly happy :-)

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