Tuesday, 25 September 2007

another day lost to apathy

Kev lad ducked out on tonights ride due to getting a cold overnight, as soon as I saw him turn up at work in his civvies I knew I wouldnt be riding tonight ;-(

I did ride in the long way but the rain stayed all day, and the wind changed direction so that it was blowing me home, therefore it would be against me on the way out to the lanes, and a busy day sat in meetings all day meant that there was no chance of visiting the gym at lunch ime so the only thing left was to return home the long way.

Note - SKS raceguards do officially rock, they work really well, someones put some serious thought into these, easy to fit and effective.

On the good side though I did get home early enough to get to the music shop and pick up a nice 2nd hand acoustic guitar and more beer and wine :-)

Tomorrow nights night ride has already stalled due to Dave coming down with a cold also, so there's only one thing to do, a solo night ride down the river dodging the junkies and the doggers, oh joy and rapture :-/


  1. Not just me then...:o(

    Gorgeous on the way in, warmed up as I got to Holborn and was going to ring in sick, decided against it should'nt have, it rained on the way home and killed any inspiration I had for some extra miles....

    The moral of this is ring in sick when your feeling good and the sunshines, it's only a job, Jesus I hate work.

  2. You'll never get fit drinking a bottle of wine and some beer every night!
    What guitar did you get?