Monday, 24 September 2007

it was a wet and windy day...

well, it was this morning, semi long (ish) way to work in the wind and rain, only 8 miles but that was enough, very few cars on the road at 0630hrs today, got to work with heavy legs despite not doing anything even resembling exercise all weekend,very uneventful.

Ride home was even more boring, no inspiration to ride anywhere other than home, 6 miles was all, 2 bottles of beer and a bottle of red purchased, tonight will be a relaxing evening doing nothing, mindful of my usual obsessivness when it comes to training, this time will be chilled and relaxed, no worrying abut dropping weight even though I know thats how to increase my fitness, the Strathpuffer will be so cold that some extra lard can only help ( I figure ?)

Have arranged an after work road ride tomorrow night, hopefully will get a good fast 40 miles in, must remember to fit race guards tonight.

Tinbred commuter build up is on hold for time being, money spent on this can be put to better use by buying an acoustic guitar, am determined to give it a better try this time around and between the Jake the Snake and the Langster theres plenty to be going on with for commuting.

Ordered a custom Timbuk 2 mesenger bag last night, T has my old one (and I hope she's using it) and I need one for this new laptop thing, with a bit of luck it'll also double up as a decent bag for carrying a small mount of camera gear when we go to Barcelona, be interested to see how much moola it costs with the dollar exchange rate right now, should work out at less than £100 I hope.


  1. The Strathpuffer course is hilly isn't it? Reckon you'll get more benefit from losing a bit of fat than keeping it to stay warmer.

  2. High Carb low fat breakfasts should help energise you Steve. Porridge with a bit of honey and semi skimed seems to work a treat here.