Wednesday, 26 September 2007

sore throat inevitability

everyone at home has been ill so it was inevitable...

uneventful rides in and out of work, a day spent in meetings feeling ropey, nothing doing tonight..

this calls for desperate measures, or in my case a change of bike, the Jake the Snake cross bike has been returned to the quiver and the VooDoo Erzulie has been plucked from the cellar, a tyre change and some air pumped into the forks, lights fitted and a vague plan to go down the river on my own tomorrow night.

Friday will be bikeless and I'll do my once fortnightly drive into work taking clean clothes and stuff that will last me for the next 2 weks.

I'm away to Andy's after work to spend an evening learning about this here Mac thing, drinking beer and watching the Scott walker movie 30th century man, Saturdays plan is to get Andy out on his bike, we'll probably just head off up the hill to Gregs Hut and back, doesnt sound much but its a big old climb and gears will be required.

Witha bit of luck Simon will be there and Mr Mearns also I hope.

There's no chance of hitting 100 miles this week and next week I'm travelling to Germany, however there is a light at the end of..

4 days away in Wales with work mates and we are planning 3 days of riding and a long walk up Cadir Idris, should be calorie neutral after all the food and beer that will be inhaled.