Friday, 21 September 2007

as predicted

as predicted

cock sucker in a BMW pulled out in front of me, found out that canti's really are shit, just manged to avoid him, he had to stop at the lights, I heard the doors lock as I pulled up on the drivers side, he had his face covered by his hand, I knocked on his window "you fooking cock sucker" says I "what" says he starting to move forward, "you nearly killed me back there" says I leaning into to him now, he puts foot down and nearly drives into back of car in front in panic

at that point I backed off as I realised he was going to try and get away at any cost

discobver that road bikes can go quite fast with the right incentive, but alas not fast enough to catch him again

close but no cigar

got to work, had a shower and a shave, cup of tea and all is calm again

legs are heavy from yesterdays ride (which was into the wind both way) so decided against the gym at lunch time

probably wont get to ride at weekend as I'm on call (one of the downsides of being a CCS)

so back into the fray on Monday, need to start upping the mileage in prep for Strathpuffer, aim is to do 100 miles next week on the fixie and then up the weekly mileage by 20 odd miles per week, I know I can do this as I've done it many times before, only difference now is that I'm doing it as the days are getting shorter rather than longer

Next plan is to build up a mudguarded commuter bike, the OnOne Tinbred will form the basis, project 2 forks, Deore groupset and skinny(ish) tyres and a computer for keeping tabs on the miles will be put together sometime next week


  1. That was almost guaranteed to happen! I try to avoid the confrontation with motorists now. I'll sometimes tap on their window and thank them for nearly killing me but try to avoid the whole shouty/sweary thing - even though it makes you feel better at the time it doesn't really get you anywhere.

    Sounds like you've got a training plan for Strathpuffer, that's more than I've ever managed - probably why I'm always rubbish on the rare occasions I enter a race :)

  2. Did you growl at the driver like a bear? Groooowl!!

    Glad you are ok. *whew*


  3. Good luck Steve, I would'nt fancy Strathpffer at all to be honest. My commute is only about 60 miles a week in total at the moment, I was about to up it and then discovered the Three Peaks was going to be cancelled so it looks like 2009...

    Still I've found an offroad granted towpath ride that's quite nice that should I want to will add a good few miles a day.

    Ti,e to get some proper cross tyres , well I say that but probably a bit fatter than race width and I might get some longer winter rides in....