Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Fixie inc

Nothing of note today, straight there and back on the TinRat.

However, Bill had his Bob Jackson track bike convert in work today, cant believe he's had it all these years and its the first time I'd seen it, probably because it was on velodrome duty exclusively before, anyway he;s put a carbon fork and a front brake on it and its blooming lovely, campag cranks and those of so exquisite large flange campag track hubs that make you go weak at the knees...

next week will be fixie week....

must resist looking at Indy Fab track bikes :-)


  1. good point, I'll put the camera in my bag for tomorrow

  2. Damn you. The thought of a Jackson Vigorelli has just resurfaced.

    I've got an old Campag high flange hub. Not even a wheel, stupid shitty steel thing, I just like to spin it occasionally. Friggin basket cases...

  3. Don't look at this then: